WST Mentors

WST Learning Community students may choose to be paired with a female faculty mentor from a closely related discipline. Students and their mentors meet three times per term to discuss academic, career, and professional development issues.

Faculty members interested in volunteering to be WST mentors should contact Dr. Colatrella.

Faculty may apply to Dr. Mary Frank Fox for funds to support students working on projects related to women, science, and technology.

List of WST Mentors

Blurb / Gallery Set

College of Design

  • Ellen Dunham-Jones
  • Catherine Ross

College of Computing

  • Amy Bruckman
  • Dana Randall

Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business

  • Terry Blum
  • Christina Shalley
  • Beril Toktay
  • Deborah Turner


  • Katrina Johnson (Emory School of Medicine)
  • Lorie Paulez (OIE)
  • Joyce Weinsheimer (CETL)

College of Engineering

  • Adjo Amekudzi
  • Sigrun Andradottir
  • Rachel Chen
  • Jeff Davis
  • Ozlem Ergun
  • Karen Feigh
  • Rosario Gerhardt
  • Martha Grover
  • Pinar Keskinocak
  • Christine Mitchell
  • Wendy Newstetter
  • Amy Pritchett
  • Mary Lynn Realff
  • Elsa Reichmanis
  • Nicoleta Serban
  • Meisha Shofner
  • Marilyn Smith
  • Julie Swann
  • Johnna Temenoff


  • Holly Shikano

Dean of Students

  • Melanie DeMaeyer
  • Stephanie Ray
  • Colleen Riggle

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

  • Laura Bier
  • Carol Colatrella
  • Nihad Farooq
  • Mary Frank Fox
  • Britta Kallin
  • Nassim JafariNaimi
  • Neha Kumar
  • Janet Murray
  • Narin Hassan
  • Carol Senf

College of Sciences

  • Tamara Bogdanovic
  • Kim Cobb
  • Ruth Kanfer
  • Wing Suet Li
  • Mindy Millard-Stafford
  • Jeanette Yen